Some homes encompass an atmosphere that brings together friends and becomes the central hang out location. Robert and Christina, a husband and wife team, own a spectacular home of this nature Phoenix, Arizona. They both have excellent photography skills, which allows us to get a glimpse of their home through their blog and Instagram feed. Recently, the duo moved into a new house where they have been redesigning one room at a time utilizing a plethora of greenery, vintage and mid-century finds, and exciting art. Let’s take a further look at their favorite rooms in the house: the bathroom and kitchen.

Both Christina and Robert love reworking spaces, so when they noticed the kitchen was small, they put their minds together to revamp the area. Christina loves the idea of open shelves. They wanted to make small changes that had significant impacts on the overall space. When they toured the house in October, they envisioned themselves entertaining guests while cooking in that kitchen. It had separate entries to the dining room and living room.

Initially, Christina didn’t like the small kitchen because it was closed off from the dining room, however, she changed her mind when they toured this house. There was a sense of family and a warm atmosphere that consumed them, and they knew they could make memories there.

After buying the home, they liked the floor plan and agreed to not change much, however, they wanted the house to feel brighter and airy all while keeping it classic. They ultimately decided to utilize clean white subway tiles in the kitchen because they are easy to clean and hard to get bored of. They brought the riles up to the ceiling and around the doorway to the back entry, which created a more dramatic effect with the contrast of the dark grout. They chose a charcoal grout rather than white because they found the dark more aesthetically pleasing. They were going for a gritty vibe, so the black accents with warm wood tones assisted with creating that look.

Here you can see the kitchen before and after. Christina and Robert made an excellent choice of having a white kitchen with black accents and warm wood tones. The faucet and kitchen sink have a farmhouse style appearance to them. The pull-down kitchen faucet in a matte black finish, so along with being functional, it’s a beautiful statement piece.

The faucet and sink combo emulate the popular modern farmhouse style with a pull-down kitchen faucet in a smooth matte black finish, a highly functional and beautiful statement piece.

Here are other places in Christina and Robert’s home that we love.