Black can appear to be daunting to use in a space such as a bathroom. But black can also be striking and robust for any designed space. We've got a few techniques for you to incorporate black into your bathroom without it feeling too gothic. Here's how to use it well.

1. Use the Walls

Creating a black accent wall in a large bathroom can open up space and make other colors pop. While in a small room you might want to get adventurous and paint the ceiling. Using black paint will help your metallic fixtures stand out and sparkle.

2. Use the Trim

Instead of using a whole wall, go for something smaller, such as the trim. Keeping the trim black can add a modern touch to the bathroom and balance other colors surrounding it. A dark trim can also help beautiful tiles on the floor pop!

3. Go for Accents

Don't want to be too bold? Go for smaller accents instead! Purchase matte black fixtures, towels, or even rugs. You can also incorporate small black tiles into your flooring, but you don't want to overdo it and end up with a gothic palace.

4. Remember Elegance

Going overboard with black can leave you stranded in a gloomy bathroom. You want the black to stand out with grace, but not stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Turn on the Lights

Natural and white lighting will help black blend in the best and help any room feel open. Painting the ceiling white can create a much-needed contrast and add more light.

Black has always been an iconic color through years of fashion and design. It's a daring choice for interior designers but when done right, can create a timeless space. Below we've gathered some of our favorite black interiors, and we hope you'll take them as inspiration for your next renovation!

Pictures sourced from Pinterest and VIGO Industries