VIGO’s commitment to future-forward design and function are perfectly embodied by the sleek, ultra-modern Oakhurst Pull-Down Faucet. Designed with a large curved single-spout neck, the solid-brass Oakhurst stands over a foot tall, towering over a range of kitchen sinks to fit countless décor options and styles. The versatile unit features a bold matte black finish, which creates dramatic, artful contrasts against most color schemes and adds dimension to any countertop. 

Consider the Oakhurst your guiding light in the kitchen.

Like all VIGO faucet models, the Oakhurst is crafted with usability and convenience in mind. Its distinct pull-down design offers 360° of swiveling power and an extra 25 inches of flexible hosing to assist with cleaning and cooking. A high-pressured stream can help remove caked-on food in seconds, and filling tall vases and large pots will never have been easier. Its sloping spout head is also equipped with a super-bright white LED, which is powered by the renewable mechanical energy derived from the pressure and movement of the water stream (never wasteful batteries). This unique eco-friendly feature grants the faucet unparalleled convenience for users of all abilities, even making it easier to cook in low lighting.

The Oakhurst is also fully ADA-compliant and conforms to CEC Title 20, a mandatory flow restriction for all California residents.

There’s more to VIGO’s matte black finish than meets the eye. This exclusive finish is electroplated seven times over for durability and full protection against tarnishing, corrosion, and mineral buildup from daily wear. Such careful attention to detail guarantees durability and a picture-perfect finish for years to come. The unit also easily wipes down without the need for chemical cleaners, making this low-maintenance model a great choice for families and even a variety of commercial spaces.

Where other faucets fall short, the Oakhurst stands tall, bold, and thoughtfully designed to enhance accessibility for all users and help them conquer the kitchen in style.