As one looks through a Farmhouse styled kitchen, they would understandably see a steward sink within the layout. Typically those who prepare food near the sink prefer the deeper basin as it prevents water from splashing onto their preparatory surfaces.

Some people choose to paint their kitchens rather than opt for tiles. Natural, earthy tones such as greens or yellows allow for an open spaced feeling and with a farmhouse kitchen vibe. The walls can be complemented with cabinet and drawer handles crafted from wood or metal with a rustic appearance. Utilizing handles such as the ideas aforementioned will accentuate the open, airy feeling the colored walls emit.

Using repurposed lumber in the kitchen is essential for that farmhouse design whether you utilize an old dresser or scoured Pine, these wooden treasures can be formed into a gorgeous dining table or storage rack. Some families have chosen scoured Pinewood as the ideal work table, where they either prepare their meals or place tabletop plants for that extra touch of freshness infused into every meal.

Older houses have in place charm, it’s your job to accentuate these features! Examples include utilizing an old brick chimney or an old deck, thus preserving the historical characteristics of the home. If your kitchen has a chimney that you will never intend to use, you can repurpose the feature into extra storage with cabinets or incorporate a range cooker. Either way, ensure that you are keeping some of the charms that make the older house unique!

Here are some inspirational photos of gorgeous farmhouse kitchens:

Pictures sourced from Pinterest