The year is almost over, which means we are already thinking about kitchen designs for 2019. Luckily those trends from last year are coming back bigger and better. Trends such as gold finishes, colored cabinets, and quartz countertops are coming back, so get ready! These kitchen designs will be popping up in 2019 and 2020, so even if you don't really see yourself as a trend person, it’s good to keep watch. Missing these trends will make your house look very outdated. Stick around and check out these top 7 trends that are up and coming.

Currently, kitchen decor is leaning towards a more industrial style with concrete countertops and faucets that look like they’ve come out of a factory. Other faucets have a more elegant look with their brass finish which aid in making any kitchen look modern.

More and more kitchen brands are popping up to give you a variety of choices when designing your kitchen and choosing the appliances that sit on the countertops. Brass is everywhere and something to pay attention to, from brass faucets to cabinet knobs, even embedded into appliances. Be sure to check out this hot metal because it’ll be the latest rage in all kitchen design.

This article is for anyone, whether you’re redoing your entire kitchen, or just looking for a couple of ideas to spruce up the place. Use these skills to bring your kitchen into 2019!

1. Shiny Sinks

Metallic sinks have slowly been making their entrance into the fashionable world of kitchen design. Grab yourself a bright metallic sink with a hammered finish and your kitchen is sure to catch some attention.

2. Stoves

This upgrade will cost you a pretty penny, about $15k - $30k worth, but if you’re already in the market for a new stove, why not? Stoves with bright colors are a favorite item for those high-class decorators, but you can incorporate any splash of color into your stove pieces and fit right in.

3. Open Shelving Means Less Cabinetry

The new trend calls for less, surprisingly. More and more people are opting out of those upper cabinets, and just sticking with the lower cabinets. Yes, this isn’t ideal for storage, but it will give your kitchen a more airy and spacious feel. This is a trend for all the minimalists who don’t want their kitchen to appear cluttered. The good news is there’s a lot of ideas and options for alternative storage so those cabinets won’t be missed too much.

4. No More White Cabinets

White cabinets have been a common trend for many people as it gives kitchens an airy and rustic ambiance, but trend reports have come back, and white is not in. People are opting for cabinets painted in a variety of colors or stained as chestnut or fruitwood.

5. Black is in!

Gray has been another trend that has been embedded in the souls of kitchens, but not anymore. The new trend is black because it provides sharp contrasts from those warm wood stained cabinetry.

6. Gold, Gold, Gold

We touched on this briefly earlier, but gold trimmed everything is in! And it’s not just the typical gold you’re thinking of, think rose gold, black gold, or even bright golds! All golds can be embedded into your kitchen appliances for the trendiest kitchen of the century.

7. Shelves

We talked earlier about how upper cabinets are out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put in some shelves! Not just any shelves, but metal shelves. Wooden shelves have commonly been seen throughout households, but stick with metal shelves as you revamp your kitchen space.

With 2019 just around the corner, you may begin thinking about new ways to vamp up your kitchen space. This article goes into detail about the up and coming trends and different ways you can modernize and redesign your kitchen.

Pictures sourced from Pinterest