Whether you’re a designer or client, great design is an obvious need. A modern aesthetic is exactly what you want in your next kitchen or bath project. Modern means crisp, clean and contemporary. VIGO Matte Stone™ might be the perfect solution for your next kitchen or bath design. But what is Matte Stone? And why should you consider this innovative material for your next project?




VIGO’s Matte Stone™ is an ultra-durable PMMA acrylic composite solid surface designed to look and feel like carved, polished stone. Each of VIGO’s Matte Stone products looks and feel identical to carved, polished stone by design. This unique solid surface is a welcome and refreshing alternative to other standard materials like cast iron, fireclay, and porcelain in residential or commercial applications.

Cast iron, fireclay or porcelain sinks consist of an iron or clay core that is layered and coated with enamel. Over time, however, this can result in unsightly cracks on the sink's surface that reveal the dark sublayer underneath. VIGO Matte Stone Sinks are solid, constructed of the same material all the way through. There's no risk of such unsightly dark cracks appearing on the smooth white surface of the sink.



Each of our Matte Stone products begins as a single, seamless piece, from one mold. Therefore, there are no seams or joints to distract from the design. The piece is then polished and smoothed by hand to reveal a velvety matte finish that’s silky to the touch. The result? A unique and unexpected texture that’s sure to make a statement in any kitchen or bathroom design.

VIGO offers an array of Matte Stone sink products for both kitchen and bath applications. As well, our expert engineering team can also accommodate custom orders and designs to best fit your needs. Our range of Matte Stone Bathtubs are exclusively available through custom order, allowing you to have a unique feature in your next project that is simply a work of art.

Are you an architect or interior designer interested in specifying VIGO Matte Stone in your next project? Contact us at or 866-591-7792.