Introducing the Mayes: a family of 6 who has done the seemingly impossible -- packing 4 young children into a repurposed school bus and succeceding in making it their home. With such a large group tucked into 250 sq feet of space, the family has found minimalism to be essential to their living space. And, with such limited proportions, an elaborate design scheme is just not a realistic option. The family set out to find pieces that would be as efficient and versatile as possible, without sacrificing style. This they found in VIGO’s kitchenware products. Marrying the traditional appeal of the English farmhouse, with the clean-cut construction of a contemporary design, VIGO’s products excel aesthetically as they do functionally. 

At the helm of the family, Debbie and Gabriel Mayes had a unique vision for their kitchen space. With such limited proportions to work with, the ambitious couple knew they needed to manifest a something that was at utilitarian and efficient, as it was reflective of their style. And this they’ve succeeded in doing! 

Lending design concepts of Scandinavian modern design, the couple kept the color scheme simple, adding detail only when appropriate. They sacrificed a traditionally sized fridge, opting for floating shelves. Lighter hues are known to magnify space, so Debbie decided to stick with a grey to an off-white color scheme. The floors are white oak, the cabinets are alabaster, and the walls are adorned with white tiles. All appliances are a shade of black, including the faucet, oven, and dishwasher, with an additional pop of black on the cabinet, handles contrasting with their white faces. To add a more nuanced, counter-intuitive effect to the contemporary design scheme, the couple opted for a light-hued, wooden countertop. The resulting effect is a clean-cut, inviting space, with a modernist appeal. You can find more visuals and commentary from the couple themselves on their website page, “Tiny Kitchen

When surveying the space from the main entryway, the kitchen sink and faucet act as a focal point, drawing the room together. In one image, the couple’s youngest child, Jovie, contentedly sits in the sink enjoying a bath, acting as the perfect demonstrator for the  VIGO 23 inch Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink’s capabilities. The sink’s magic lies in its versatility. The depth of the sink allows for full range of movement, whether that’s baby bath-time or scrubbing big pots and pans. The stainless steel construction makes the sink resilient to the wears of time. The sink is paired with the smooth Matte Black finish of the sophisticated VIGO Edison Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet. The Edison Faucet features a flexible, pull-down spray head, ensuring optimal reach. Both sink and faucet are fully undercoated and padded with unique multi layer sound eliminating technology which also prevents condensation.

This family knows how to do minimalism without compromising style. To keep up to date on The Mayes’s incredible transformation journey, you can follow them on their Instagram account. 

Text by Meghan Ingraham