Fall in love with the sink of your dreams. We want to talk about one of our favorite fixtures to fall in love with: farmhouse kitchen sinks! These spacious, eye-catching sinks easily become the centerpiece of your kitchen. Their sleek appearance makes them incredibly versatile and look great installed in modern, industrial, even rustic kitchens.


Farmhouse kitchen sinks—also known as apron front kitchen sinks—are the perfect mix of modern and traditional style. Traditionally, these were big, durable sinks, designed to hold a day’s worth of water for cooking. With the advent of indoor plumbing and better drain systems, there was less of a need for such a heavy sink. Nowadays, people install farmhouse sinks for their appeal and their size. Their apron front creates a unique look. It turns the sink into a focal point of the kitchen. These sinks look just as great in modern or industrial kitchens as they do in traditional kitchens. Above all, if you’re looking for an interesting design that combines form and function, a VIGO farmhouse sink might be a great option for you in your home.

VIGO offers farmhouse kitchen sinks in two varieties: stainless steel and our signature Matte Stone™. All VIGO farmhouse kitchen sinks are designed for either undermount install or flush-mount install, depending on your preference. VIGO also offers models that feature double basins, perfect for installing a garbage disposal or using one side for washing and one side for rinsing.



A look at design history tells us that kitchen sinks were originally made of cast iron. Over time, there was a gradual shift towards stainless steel—a material just as durable as cast iron, but lighter. Most people may think of stainless steel in terms of drop-in or undermount kitchen sinks. But stainless steel farmhouse sinks provide not only durability but a unique twist on traditional style.

VIGO Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks come in both single bowl and double bowl styles to fit your preference. Manufactured in sizes ranging from 30”, 33” and 36”, each sink is spacious enough to hold your largest, heaviest crockery. The Camden and Chisholm models also feature distinctive, modern zero radius corners to create an angular look.



VIGO also carries a line of beautiful and distinctive farmhouse kitchen sinks constructed from our signature Matte Stone. Matte Stone is our trademark PMMA solid surface, designed to be as durable as stone.

One of the most distinctive features of our Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks are their reversible design. Our standard Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink features both a smooth, flat apron front and a rustic slotted front. It can be installed to fit your preference. We also offer our Casement Front Kitchen Sink with a unique casement edge design. What style of farmhouse sink would you install in your home?

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