Sustainability is all the rage nowadays. Building for the long term and developing architecture that will withstand the test of time without harming the environment is extremely important. That’s why Handel Architects is making such an impact. Founded in 1994, Handel Architects is committed to bettering the cities in which they build. Born out the idea that architecture and design can make a positive difference in the world, Handel Architects build with the intention to create sustainable buildings that will last a lifetime.

The firm has over 180 architects and designers working all over the world. This team has crafted works that span over numerous countries to create cross cultural impact. Some of Handel Architects’ projects include The National 9/11 Memorial in NYC, the Millennium Tower in Boston, and the Shangri-La at the Fort in the Philippines. Handel Architecture’s work ranges from residential to office space to retail, proving there is no limit to what sustainable architecture can accomplish.


Every designer has their own source of inspiration from which they draw. Designing with the goal of sustainability, Handel Architects and the like work to bring innovation to the next level and take the ordinary to the extraordinary. Building with not only the environmental but also longevity in mind means taking into consideration the shapes, angles, and internal infrastructure of a city and bringing it into a building’s structure.


This 20-story building, created by Handel Architects, stands on 170 Amsterdam Avenue and sits between Central Park and the Lincoln Towers. With such a narrow area for building, the architects needed an innovative solution to maximize the interior space. They moved the structure to the outside of the building, freeing up spaces that would have been occupied by internal columns. The angular columns featured on the building’s exterior give it the appearance of being in constant motion.  

Taking a note from Handel Architecture, VIGO’s in-house design team also works to construct long-lasting pieces that reflect the beauty of New York City. The Matte StoneKitchen Sink, available in a variety of style and sizes, is constructed from durable, scratch-resistant material. VIGO echoes NYC’s intelligent architecture in their own designs by bringing the city’s angular columns into the fold.

It was easy for VIGO to pull inspiration from this building by integrating the columns into the sink’s design. To see more projects from Handel Architects and to find your own inspirations, check them out here.

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