Have you gotten your water bill this month? Hopefully, it wasn’t a shocker! It’s never too late to start creating better habits. Saving water around the house will save you money on your water bill in the long run. Do you know the difference between truth and fiction when it comes to being water conscious? The results may surprise you…but they may help you save big!

MYTH: Taking a bath saves more water than a shower.

TRUTH: That’s not always the case. Some large soaking bathtubs can hold as much as 100 gallons of water! While a long shower can add up—a good rule of thumb is to assume your show will use 2.5 gallons of water per minute—getting in the habit of quick 5-minute-or-less showers can make all the difference. Think around 10 gallons instead of 100!


MYTH: Avoid using major water appliances.

TRUTH: Newly manufactured appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are designed to be water efficient (Check with your manufacturer if you aren’t sure). A full load will save more water in the long run than individually washing dishes or clothes by hand.


MYTH: It’s fine to leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth.

TRUTH: It’s a huge misconception that bathroom faucets only use a small amount of water. Some bathroom faucets can use nearly two or more gallons of water per minute. Leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth can waste nearly 50 gallons per week, per person. Getting into the habit of turning the tap off while you brush your teeth can seriously save.

All VIGO bathroom faucets are designed to be certified by WaterSense, with a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. They’re sure to save water---even if you do (accidentally, of course!) leave them running while you finish your morning routine.


MYTH: Leaks aren’t a big deal for water loss.

TRUTH: Along with the potential for structural damage, even small leaks have the potential to waste hundreds of gallons of water. Get in the habit of checking your water sources and appliances for leaks. A leaking faucet that drips after it’s been in use can also waste as much as 3,000 gallons per year!

All VIGO faucets come standard with durable Sedal ceramic cartridges. These cartridges have been tested against leaks and drips for up to 500,000 uses.


MYTH: My water choices won’t make much of a difference—for my water bill of the environment.

TRUTH: While the differences in your water bill may seem small at first, they can really add up. That could be hundreds of dollars per year that you can put towards the things that matter to you and your family. As for the environment, studies have shown that enough people enacting water-saving behaviors make a huge difference in the community overall.

What do you do in your household to conserve water?

The VIGO Teamdesign