Looking to give your kitchen a whole new look? Go for a farmhouse style! This lovely style combines cabin, vintage, rustic, and heritage, for the perfect kitchen. Keep in mind the focal points of your design and be cautious about adding too many different elements from style to style. 

When choosing the colors of your farmhouse kitchen, look for whites, blacks, and natural wood tones. There's no guideline for precisely what colors to include since farmhouse is a melting pot of styles! Adding rustic tones of bronze or copper will compliment wood tones in a way you never imagined! 

What goes better in a farmhouse kitchen than a farmhouse sink? The massive bowl with a rectangle shape was often found in old farmhouses. Also known as a cook's garment sink, it's been a statement piece since the nineteenth century.  Versatility and a bold look make it fit in any kitchen. 

We've gathered some of our favorite farmhouse kitchens with farmhouse sinks. Have a peek at the fantastic images below, and you'll undoubtedly get inspired!