Its easy to neglect your bathroom. After all, the bathroom is not the first room you see when you walk into a home. In fact, the bathroom is mostly a personal space where we can be our most vulnerable. The bathroom is a space to decompress. A cluttered mess is not conducive to achieving this state. In fact, most people claim that interior spaces that have minimal decor, clean-cut lines, and natural light set the foundation for relaxation and revival. 

Earth Toned Hues

Neutral colors should be the foundation of the your bathroom redesign template. If you're fortunate enough to have natural light, leverage this light source by selecting a very light earth toned hue, such as a clean shade of white. Variations of earth tones are a safe choice if you have a lot of natural light, but work particularly well in light drenched spaces. 


Eliminate the clutter 

Its easy to let clutter accumulate, especially in your bathroom. Toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, hair ties, and various ointments can be difficult to compile into anything but a disarrayed mess. Many DIY designers have found a solution to bathroom clutter. Use empty mason jars to stay long tubed bottles and toothbrushes. Compartmentalize other small items in egg cartons that fit snuggly in drawers. Consider investing in a vanity mirror, where you can store the essentials so that they're easily accessible but convceniently out of sight! 


Be Bold, Add contrast 

Nothing is more chic than adding darker elements to white space. The resulting subtle, yet effective contrast is the epitome of minimalist style. 


Add a touch of naturalism 

When it comes to modern design, there's a thin line between contemporary and clinical.  Add wooden floor panelling, or a countertop to your modern space to soften the stark facade --  often a result of minimalist design. 


Photo credit: LISA WETHERELL


Form and function, the building blocks for Minimalism 

Beauty and functionality are the building blocks for contemporary design. Think utility and form. Every item in your bathroom should serve a purpose. 

Use the Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets to save space into your bathroom. The unique, circular design of the faucet brings a modern look to any bathroom sink and frees up more valuable counter space in your bathroom.

The Matte Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink has a smooth matte white finish that is easy to keep clean with an included buffing tool. With a rounded square or oval design and satiny smooth Matte Stone surface, this vessel sink is a statement piece in any bathroom, while not being too ostentatious. 



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