Those who are deterred by a small space lack creativity. If you lack space, there are countless ways to make space in your ‘tiny’ kitchen. Without further ado, here are some excellent space saving solutions that will transform your tiny kitchen into the coordinator’s dream space:

Layer it up

When it comes to saving space, its all about the shelving. Its quite simple: the more shelving, the more room to place extraneous items. Add shallow shelves in front of the vent hood or other hidden cabinets.

nooks and crannies

If you can make it unseen when unneeded and reappear when you're ready to use it, it'll create space in your tiny kitchen. For example, if you are cooking a large dinner and need some extra space to cook, why not use a pull out cutting board? For the times when you don't need so much space, it easily can be hidden underneath and will make your kitchen feel larger and less cluttered.

Hang it up.

Pots, pans, utensils—many of these popular kitchen items have holes in their handles for easy hanging. To keep the clutter out of your drawers and cabinets, hang your pots and pans on a wall, storage shelf, or even inside a cabinet for easy access.

Pots and pans hung on the wall can even be an attribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, depending on the utensils.

make the most of that wall

Instead of a tall cupboard or a big integrated cabinet, installing an open wall storage can work best to optimize your limited space.

Using this ‘open storage’ notion, you can easily store items since everything is kept visible.  It will also help you to cook easier when all the ingredients are in sight. This concept is easy to achieve using shelves, rails, cork, or grids.

If you’d prefer, you can also use this space for paintings, photo collages, or other artistic features of your choosing


Use the Toe-Kick

Put the toe-kick (the space between the cabinets and the floor) to work and install a shallow drawer in this underused space. Use the newfound storage spot to house kids' craft supplies or serving dishes and baking pans.

Combine the warm sheen of stainless steel with wooden paneling to contribute to the stylistic appeal of the space, rendering an industrial vibe.

the ‘bonus’ dining room

After all that space saving strategy has come into place, you may find yourself having a little extra room to spare! Take advantage of this space by adding a corner sofa with a small table near the window, for an impromptu dining space.