So you've finally moved into your new home. Its perfect, albeit the kitchen could be mistaken for a closet. Fear not! With the 'tiny home' trend hitting full swing, there is no shortage design inspiration for your tiny home. In fact, small kitchen spaces have been said to be more conducive to creativity. 


If your tiny space is filled with natural light, its the ideal place to add an 'indoor garden'. Herbs and spices are the obvious choice for functional kitchen purposes, but adding lush larger plants create a behemian aesthetic appeal. To make your space even more eccentric use colorful variations of pots for your plants, adding a dash of color here and there. 


Your wall color is one of the key contributors to space. Neutral colors are key to defining modern spaces, providing a clean slate for minimalist design. Lighter, somber hues add warmth and a soft ambiance to spaces with natural light, while daring vibrant colors add character and depth. 

Add Personality

The smallest touches have a profound impact in defining character in a small kitchen space. A message board for the family, for example, or antiqued trinkets placed on a shelving unit add originality.

Get Inspired 

Here are a few examples of kitchen makeovers done right. Get inspired, get to work!

Images via Pinterest and VIGO Industries