VIGO is proud to be featured within one of the most quickly growing, esteemed real estate firms in the New York City area, Argent Advisors. The firm has owned and redeveloped more than 7 million square feet of commercial and residential properties over the past 15 years alone. Argent Advisors now specializes in acquiring “sponsor units” throughout New York City. Over the past few years the company has acquired more than 1,000 units throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. 

VIGO sat down with Argent’s Director of Design, Brandon Teitelbaum, to get a first hand look at one of the company’s latest remodeled properties. The sprawling Central Park West apartment is flooded with natural light and high ceilings, making for an ideal backdrop for Argent’s innovative team of designers to work from. Argent Advisor aims to project the highest standards for contemporary design, without rendering the space too austere. Efficiency and ergonomic design are valued just as highly as aesthetic appeal. 

That’s why Argent Advisor went with VIGO when selecting the ideal appliances to achieve this vision; the VIGO Gramercy Faucet was an obvious choice. With its sharp, minimalist design and sleek matte black finish, this innovative kitchen faucet is a statement piece in any modern kitchen space. An industrial style swivel spout head with single adjustable water flow functionality is prepared to take on a range of uses, making it the ideal asset for anyone seeking optimal efficiency in their utilities, without compromising style. You can find the faucet HERE

Of the faucet, Teitelbaum remarks: 

“We’ve been using VIGO’s faucets for 4 years now and the feedback has been unbelievable. Our products aim to have a contemporary feel; VIGO helps us to achieve this. When we seek appliances for our spaces, we look for pieces that aren’t’ too ‘extremely modern.’ VIGO finds this balance perfectly by providing items that are just right for any space.” 


To see this apartment and more of Argent Advisors work, check them out here