Bathing. Brushing. Laundry. Minutes are just too long and mind just too active on the other side of the bathroom door. All the essence that necessitates these regular hours fails to beat the undying scorn we harbor for them. 

So much so, that we would not think twice before substituting it, given a chance, with some tedious job that would, unlike the languorous former, neither allow our brains to wander in the realms we don't desire nor annihilate the modicum zeal that remains for the day.

However, though indispensable, we can add that X-factor to our bathrooms that might just make the entire session relaxing and much enriching. 

To “wash those troubles with bubbles,” pristine paraphernalia in bathrooms is imperative. An aesthetic ambiance can add that missing value and satisfaction to our hours inside. 

Contrary to popular belief, modernizing our chambers would not deflate our pockets. With some store-juggling and design planning, we can make those marbles magnificent.

1. Brushed Metal Accents

Use of chrome, brass or brushed stainless steel as accents is a given these days in sleek, modern-day washrooms. Plumbing fixtures and accessories should be in one of these two finishes for a striking look. 

When paired with lots of glass such as shower doors, mirrors, etc., the look of chrome or stainless steel is especially striking. VIGO Pop-up Drain Assembly with Overflow an advanced pop-up has an overflow hole in the threaded nut, allowing diverted overflow water to flow down the pipe. Made of solid brass, this pop-up drain is built to last.

2. Sconces

A specific type of wall mounted fixture that can add both general and accent lighting in your bathroom, these wall lighting designs are a great way to illuminate it and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. This works great for children’s hot tubs as well. Crystal wall sconce designs incorporate light elements like shimmering glass and chrome finishes that give off a high-end, confident attitude. This form of recessed lighting creates a warm glow making the surroundings astonishingly pleasant.

3. Signs and Doors

Custom sign boards made of aluminum is another element that has panache. More people are turning to metal signs these days because of their durability and longer lifespan. When properly cared for these signs should last 5 years or more. 

They can be installed on self-designed doors like those akin to the ones in a garage, rectangular doors to bath space. That would definitely be ushering in oneself in style. VIGO Sanibel Frameless Round/Neo-Angle/Frameless Shower Enclosure with its shower enclosure featured infinity lines, stainless steel construction and tempered 5/16" glass to ensure its durability for the long run is sure to add a modern look to your bathroom.         

VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower Door is crafted with quality tempered glass that's frosted for privacy and stainless steel hardware and features an eye-catching round roller disk sliding system and sleek door handle.

4. Open Shelving and Sinks

Open shelving to display your towels instead of archaic cabinetry system can break the monotony. Stick to a white or gray color scheme for all your accessories, including towels, to create a cohesive look that’s more soothing to the eye. VIGO Titus Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet stands the test of time and makes a dramatic effect paired with your bathroom sink.

On top of it, VIGO Rectangular Gray Onyx Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is sure to become a precious addition with its delicately marbled black and silver finish. Handcrafted and kiln-fired, this solid tempered glass sink is as durable as it is beautiful.          

VIGO Sheer Black Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink has polished interior and exterior are stain-resistant and easy to clean. The sleek, highly reflective transparent black bathroom sink makes a stunning presence in any modern bathroom update.                         

5. Bathtub and Simple Additions

Given that little space for everything gets everything in place, care should be taken of small but necessary things. Like towel rings and robe hangers. As for the bathtub area of the bathroom and space you have kept for bath space along with your own choice of its type can help you choose from a wide range of those available. VIGO Orion Bathtub Door is a dual-functioning bathtub door works well for showers and swings neatly out of the way for baths. Designed with continuous seal strips, even though the door hinges, this door ensures water stays in the bathtub and off the floor.

To make it feel like a spa in your own home, VIGO Mateo Shower Massage Panel has the power to transform your everyday shower into a spa experience. 

The hot and cold thermostatic valve control lets you adjust the water flow without having the temperature change. The panel is pre-plumbed for easy installation. For showers adding a rainfall showerhead or installing a steam shower can be considered.

6. Mirror Mirror on the wall

 Being more than essential, our choice of mirrors must be exact. It should depend on the overall setting, whether regal or chic or sleek. Flair and size too must be taken care of considering your height and taste of shape of the screen.

While creating a scintillating bathroom is something we all desire, we tend to be wary when it comes to the design. Going by above simple renovations and additions without making it very loud and crowded, achieving the results is much easier than it seems. Other than these essentials, soaps as per our preferred fragrance and shower jets of appropriate size are additional things we need to take care of. Also, we can incorporate small houseplants for greenery. Embracing simple geometric designs like circular or oval and sticking to straight lines makes the bathroom inviting and renders the entire experience a luxury in itself.