With contributions from guest blogger Samantha Johnson of Superior Stone and Cabinet

These days, more and more American homeowners are deciding to remodel their kitchens. Some do this as a way to maximize their home’s value prior to listing, while others are building a dream kitchen for their own cooking and entertaining enjoyment. No matter your reason for remodeling, it’s always good to consider cost-effective solutions that will generate the best return for your investment. Below, we’ll break down some of the smartest ways to stretch your design dollar and end up happy with the result.  

Weigh (and prioritize) Your Options

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There may be an unlimited number of upgrades one can make to a kitchen, but budgets tend to have caps. The first step in any kitchen renovation project should therefore be to establish the scope of the project and prioritize what needs to get done by both importance and cost.

Suggestions and considerations include:

●       Countertops and cabinets: While these are relatively pricey—homeowners spend an average of 39% of their total remodeling budget on them—they are often what make the remodel pop for both homeowners and prospective home buyers. We do not recommend trying to cut corners on quality or installation, as doing either could impact your eventual return on investment for the project.

●       Open kitchen concept: Home remodeling shows on TV have popularized the “open kitchen” concept. Before you fully turn yourself over to the idea, however, talk to a professional house flipper about whether this is feasible in your home. A pro will help you analyze the situation from both a technical and cost perspective.

●       New appliances: While installing new appliances make up about 14% of the average kitchen remodel’s costs, keep in mind that they can be delayed if you’re looking to save money. Unless you plan to list your home the day after renovations are complete, we suggest holding off on new appliances until you feel financially comfortable.

Be Smart with Your Spending

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It’s not necessary to invest thousands of dollars to bring a fresh look into your new kitchen. Instead, begin with a clear vision for how you see your new space; think about look and feel before you turn to accessories. From there, get creative with backsplashes, paint color choices, and everything in between.

One relatively inexpensive place to make a statement is your kitchen sink. VIGO’s lineup of kitchen sinks, faucets, and accessories give you plenty of options. One particularly stylish choice that fits in almost any kitchen is pairing a VIGO Matte Stone™ Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with a stainless steel pull-down spray kitchen faucet. Simultaneously modern and timeless, this combo will perfectly complement new countertops and cabinets.


Another great area for personalization is a backsplash. If your new kitchen features monochromatic or muted countertop/cabinet color choices like white, off-white, light grey, or charcoal, consider a  complementary backsplash that brings subtle color to the room. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more modern feel, think bold. A matte black backsplash tile paired with white cabinets and light grey countertops could be just what you need.

Get Crafty with DIY Tasks

Some parts of your remodel (primarily electrical and plumbing, and usually countertop/cabinetry installation) should be left to the professionals. If you’re looking to minimize labor costs, however, consider performing certain tasks yourself. There are plenty of how-to guides on everything from installing flooring to painting your kitchen’s walls.  Make sure you have the time, tools, and resources required to commit to this project and then go to town!


For additional tips and suggestions, check out the infographic from our friends at Superior Stone & Cabinet in Phoenix, Arizona. Explore how you can get the kitchen remodel you’ve always dreamed of within your designated budget, time frame, and design aesthetic.