If the dreary days of winter are getting you down, look no further than your interior space to cultivate some lively color. Pops of color are always in style, but the latest trends of 2019 have us newly excited about home and interior design all over again. Try out one of the suggested trends below for a fresh and different way to cultivate life and beauty in your home.


Forrest green is always a favorite, but not more than ever, green is hitting the scene with a bang. Updated green hues in sage and emerald are expected to reemerge as the top two favorites throughout 2019. Earthy, organic, or vibrant, incorporating shades of green is a great way to bring subtle yet rich color into an otherwise neutral room. Green was traditionally used in Victorian times within the upper echelon to connote wealth and exuberance. While it may certainly still bring those sentiments, jewel-toned green can also simply add a sophisticated edge to your space. Make all those who enter your room green with envy in the best of ways.


Science says decorating your home in shades of orange, pink, and red is an instant way to boost the moods of both host and guests. If that’s true, why not opt to outfit your home in a warm and inviting coral? A mix of lively orange and soft pink, coral can be both an energy booster, making it great for parties, or a soothing color, making it great for every day. Unlike other bold colors that require patterns or designs, coral stands alone as its own statement. Incorporate it in any kitchen or bathroom and see the dramatic impact it has on your space.


Versatile and neutral, dusty blue is a go-to in any interior or home décor plan. Instantly updating any space, blue hues reflect the classicism of old-time charm with the modernity of the 21st century. Try painting wooden cabinetry in a soft grayish-blue or use it to draw out more subtle blue elements from accent pieces like floor rugs and tablecloths. Dusty blue pairs perfectly with slate grays, whites, and light oak wood coloring, making it a solid choice in any kitchen, bathroom, or living room.


There is no better way to go big and bold than with a ray of happy sunshine yellow. Instantly brighten up your space and put a smile on all the faces of those who walk through your door. Not sure if yellow is your hue? Start small by painting your kitchen in a soft eggshell, buttercream, or gold yellow. Ready for something with a bit more punch? Spice up your space with a warm, sunny yellow and see how it immediately energizes your entire room.5.


Pink is a classic, and dusty rose is an updated way to do pink right. Warm and inviting, this is a great way to feminize any space without making it seem childish or too girly. Rose is all over the place these days; rose-gold jewelry, accessories, and even hair color. Rose-colored accents or even entire walls painted in this shade are a great way to balance out other modern elements in your kitchen or bathroom. Pair  rose gold with clean whites or softer wood colors and style to your preference.

For a few design options that work well with the color ideas, we outlined above, check out our suggestions below! Explore a wide variety of offerings from VIGO, the Ideal Everyday, and update your modern bathroom today

Pictures sourced from Pinterest and VIGO Industries