Construction Collaboration is a construction company based out of Saskatchewan, Canada. By designing and building innovative living spaces, owners Derek Wu and Trevor Anderson have curated some of the most beautiful homes in the Western Provinces. Construction Collaboration sat down with VIGO to discuss how their process and philosophies have changed since their 2014 inception, and why they love using VIGO products in their homes.

VIGO: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! We’re thrilled to finally be connected. Let’s start out from the beginning. Where did your love for homes and interiors initially spur from?

Oddie Street in Saskatchewan, Canada

Oddie Street in Saskatchewan, Canada

Derek & Trevor (D&T): Both Trevor and I (Derek) have always had a passion for real estate. It started with our own portfolio of wanting a rental property that we could see ourselves living in. Being budget friendly, we were forced to do the work ourselves and the rest was history. We began buying properties, renovating them ourselves and renting them out. The true test was when we were asked to do it for others. We had to step up our research and more importantly the execution. Our clients are entrusting in us to provide them with the most professional renovation in a budget and timely conscious manner.

VIGOWhat draws you to renovations instead of starting from the ground-up?

"We thrive on taking a dated or non-functional space into something brilliant, beautiful and functional."

D&T: Every renovation has its challenges. Maybe that's what we like the most? We appreciate the unknown at times, but more importantly we thrive on taking a dated or non-functional space into something brilliant, beautiful and functional. Secondly, its our clients! With new construction and our current team size, we find that we can touch more clients throughout a year via bathroom, kitchen or whole house renovations than a few new home clients.

VIGO: You featured the VIGO Edison in one of your recent projects (Oddie Street). The clients here wanted something open and airy, but their previous layout was a bit cramped; how did you combat this?

D&T: Blowing out the wall from the dining room to the kitchen was huge in accomplishing this.  Amanda's (Amanda Brady, Interior Designer and Architectural Technologist from Clear Space Design Co.) blog post on this project explains this in detail. 

VIGO: Do you have a design aesthetic that you tend to gravitate towards? If so, what is it?

D&T: We like to always stay on the cusp of trends of design. We have done so many high gloss and subway white kitchens we have lost count and now we are seeing darker tones being introduced. We love it all.

VIGO: What are some simple pieces of advice you would give to people just starting out in the kitchen renovation process?

D&T: Find the problem, whether this be the age of the pieces, colors, functionality, [or anything else]. Then develop a budget [to understand] what you can afford [and what your ] contingencies are. [Next], find a designer and find a contractor! [Equally important is to] figure out how you are going to live during the renovation. Whether it be the BBQ or a portable stove top, [when you are completely renovating your kitchen], plan to not have your kitchen for 6-8 weeks. [Finally], provide feedback throughout the project if you can, but also afterwards. We can only be as good as our last project and we always strive to improve.

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