London, Tokyo, New York City and other famous cities in the world have one thing in common: a lack of living space. If you live in a city such as these, expect to pay more per square foot than anywhere else in the world. You will do this gladly to live in cities that are as vibrant, full of life, as well as to gain exposure to art, music, history, science. With a diversity of people, food, and culture, it’s no wonder you’ll sacrifice space for excitement.  

Despite your well-intentioned decision to live in the city of your dreams, you’ll still need to understand how to outfit your tight living quarters. Let’s take a look at some tips from professional interior designers on how to make the most of the space in small living spaces. From these pro’s you will see that  it is not the size of the area that matters, but how you effectively work with what you have. Any area can look chic and modern.

1 Mirrors

One of the most effective ways people are putting mirrors to work is by covering entire walls with them. Mounting large mirrors on walls behind a sofa can instantly open up any space, giving the illusion of a larger room. The bottom of the mirror should sit just below the top edge of the sofa. Also try adding a distressed wooden frame directly onto the wall to break up the elements.

Alternatively, try applying mirrored tiles to walls for a reflective, art-deco type of feel. The use of smaller mirrors in various shapes and sizes can dress up any room, hall, or entryway. Smaller mirrors add dimension and an interesting light aesthetic. They’ll make your space brighter and create an overall more expansive feel regardless of the actual size of your room. 

2 Colors

It is true that light colors like white, cream, and ivory will make an area look bigger, but using strategic colors painted on the ceiling and baseboard can also visually expand the appearance of your room. That said, not every room in your home must have the same hue. Try painting one wall in a dark, matte color (a hot trend) like a deep blue or even black. This can add versatility, drama, and dimension to your room and break up an otherwise monochromatic space. 

If you decide to implement modern black accents in your kitchen, a good rule of thumb is to complement them with sleek black sinks and/or matte black finish faucets. You may even consider doing an entire room in black and white for cool contrast. VIGO offers the majority of kitchen faucets in sleek matte black finish, just like the bestselling VIGO Greenwich pull-down spray kitchen faucet. With the VIGO Matte Stone Kitchen Sinks the kitchen will have more light colors with contrast black faucet. As for infusing color through cabinetry, wooden hues are always great for adding in neutrality. 

3 Furniture placement

When trying to maximize your space, a key element to consider is the size and placement of your furniture. Large beds with oversized headboards can take up precious space, so it’s a good idea to experiment with removing the headboard and footboard and simply using the bare bed frame. This leaves the wall area around the bed open for shelving units. Depending on how they are staged, shelves can be multifunctional. Oftentimes, however, it is the height and not the overall size of furniture that makes the most impact on optimizing small spaces. Chairs, sofas, and even beds that sit low to the ground allow for more airspace to move around.

If you are using an open space, like a loft, use ceiling to floor room dividers and leave them partially open. Even though the sleeping area will be visible, the overall layout will look chic and modern with a more open and expansive room. 

4 Lighting

The number one mistake people make with lighting is relying on all of it to come from the ceiling. While top-down lights can add the illusion of a larger space, they don’t need to be excessively bright or be relegated to the ceiling. Floor lamps are a great way to pull the eye from various parts of the room. Additionally, high-tech fixtures like LED-light kitchen faucets can be effective ways to illuminate a space without infringing on space. The VIGO Oakhurst, for example, is an award-winning LED-light faucet that lights up upon use to keep the kitchen sink space bright. Don’t be afraid to get creative with lighting and explore possibilities. 

5 Use small spaces

Does your chimney, stairwell, or utility closet leave a small alcove? That’s precious real estate! Don’t waste that space. These hidden areas can be great for storage units, wardrobes, trunks, or shelves This is a great place to put storage units, wardrobes, trunks, or shelves. Smart space-saving techniques, however,  don’t just have to be relegated to general areas. If you’re concerned about counter space in the bathroom, for example, consider a wall-mount faucet like the VIGO Atticus.  

As you can see, there are many ways to take a small space work for you. Use your imagination, but also our tips to optimize the living area you have. Before you know it, everyone you know will be coming to you for ideas. Get creative and don’t forget to share!