VIGO is all about a top to bottom redesign. When we catch wind of truly special designs, as was the case in this Hamptons House kitchen redesign, we can’t help but highlight their beauty. The owners of this beachfront Amagansett home, lifestyle gurus Brendan Fallis and Hannah Bronfman, sought out something different from their previous work. They wanted a lived-in, comfortable feel that still exuded luxury. The couple chose to feature only the highest quality fixtures in their home and selected VIGO as one of their exclusive partners. Below you’ll see a snapshot of our sit-down with the design duo for a better understanding of their process and inspiration.

VIGO: Thanks for speaking with us, guys! Can you share a bit about the process of designing your new kitchen?

Brendan Fallis & Hannah Bronfman (BF & HB): We had an amazing time putting this design together and bringing it to life. We worked with a great team (EAU and North Haven Builders) which streamlined the process and made it enjoyable. There’s truly nothing better than a really drastic before and after, creating not only an aesthetically pleasing outcome but also a functional one.  

VIGO: Tell us about your vision/design aesthetic for this kitchen

BF & HB: As our house is in the woods/forest part of Amagansett, we wanted to keep it a little more farmhouse modern. We played with new modern technology but accented it with some more rustic details. It’s still mostly a summer home, so [at the end of the day we] wanted to keep it nice and bright with lots of whites.  

It’s great to add value over time, but way more fun to add your own creativity on a space and call it yours while creating much more value.
— Brendan Fallis

VIGO: What led you to choose the Greenwich in Matte Black as the feature faucet?

BF & HB: We thought the idea of chrome or polished nickel was a little too “finished” for the look we were going for. So, when we started to design our kitchen, Jeff White from EAU presented us with the Greenwich and it fit perfectly. It’s just modern enough in design and functionality. It accentuates all of the other matte black pulls we were also looking to use

VIGO: What are some of your goals for New York/New York City renovations as a whole?

BF &HB: We’re just jumping into that design process now. We’re looking to keep a lot of the soul that the [NYC] apartment currently has, change the layout minimally, and give it a Parisian modern look by the time we’re done. We’re really excited about this one.  

VIGO: Let’s backtrack for a bit. Share with us your history of home renovations.

BF & HB: We renovated our first home four years ago in [New York City’s] East Village. It was a huge learning process, but we had the best time doing it. We love to find a project, not a turnkey situation. It’s great to add value over time, but way more fun to add your own creativity on a space and call it yours while creating much more value.  We were able to sell our last home for a price we were content with and hope that the people who bought it appreciate all the time and energy we put into that renovation. I mean, they have an outdoor shower in NYC so it would be tough to complain!

VIGO: From where do you pull your inspiration?

BF & HB: A lot of our inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest, as there is endless amounts of content to be had, but a good chunk comes from travel and exploring. We move around the world so much and are lucky to be able to stay at some really nice places and see many along the way. We take visual and mental notes whenever we can and apply them accordingly.

There you have it, folks! Simple, to-the-point, and stylish as can be, this Hamptons House renovation is sure to wow all who encounter it. For more lifestyle, travel, and design inspiration, check out Brendan and Hannah’s Instagram accounts: @brendanfallis and @hannahbronfman.