Congratulations on buying your first home! Now that you’ve settled into the reality of becoming a real-life homeowner, the real fun can begin. All focus can turn to upgrading your kitchen into a sleek and cool center for cuisine. Think high-tech fixtures and modern farmhouse décor from every angle. While everyone’s #homegoals may differ, below are some tried and true tips on everything you need to know when you purchase your very first home.

1: Align Your Priorities With Your Budget

You’ve signed the papers, closed the deal, and received the keys to your very first home; now what? While your first inclination may be to run to the nearest home furnishing store, we suggest taking a step back and setting up a list of priorities that aligns with a realistic budget.

First identify which rooms need the most work. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling everything at once, make a list of what needs to happen and compare that to what you want to happen; the necessities versus the desires. From there make notes of which existing elements can be salvaged and what must be renovated or replaced. We suggest starting with the most frequently used rooms first.

Then you’ll focus on the budget. Determine what overall budget you are comfortable with for the entire renovation and then split that up between the rooms. Two of the most frequently used rooms, the kitchen and bathrooms, are great starting points.

Design: BerkshireCorporate, VIGO


We all want to be stylish, but not at the expense of seeming cluttered or scattered.  Before you start incorporating accent pieces and trendy fixtures into your space, it’s best to determine the overall vibe you’re going for.  Creating a cohesive, unified flow doesn’t have to be difficult; just focus on what you like! Whether you lean modern, traditional, or industrial chic, there are plenty of Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts from which you can pull inspiration. Identify one resounding theme that you can keep coming back to and you’ll feel much more at ease with the entire redesign process.

Design: 161 Homes, VIGO


Bring your space to life with coordinated colors and smart shades. Not everything has to match perfectly, but complementary hues can make or break any room. Instead of focusing on everything being exactly the same, focus on color palettes and consistent finishes throughout each room. Do you like stainless steel accents? Opt for those finishes in faucet, soap dispensers, and perhaps even farmhouse apron front sinks. One modern option is the VIGO Oakhurst Kitchen Faucet and Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Pairing- both are outfitted in stainless steel, bringing shine and glamour to your home.

If you’re seeking contrast, look no further than a stark white sink paired with a matte black faucet. The Square Front Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is one of VIGO’s most artistic finds. Paired with the Greenwich Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet in Matte Black, this duo is sure to make an impact. For more inspiration on how to make your modern kitchen a real masterpiece, check out the redesign from Brendan Fallis (@brendanfallis) and Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) of their Hamptons House kitchen.

Whatever style you choose to focus on, VIGO offers a variety of kitchen and bathroom products in the latest designs and finishes. We are more than happy to help build you the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Last but not least, if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the renovation process, just think of the ABCs: Aesthetics, Budget, and Cohesion. You can’t go wrong!