With contributions by Guest Blogger Jessica Smith of Healthy Box

Image source: Mark McCammon

Living doesn’t just happen in the living room. Kitchens and bathrooms are where a lot of the day-to-day activities occur, so it’s essential that yours look and feel as close to ideal as possible. While it’s easy to see how a kitchen can be a haven for entertainment, a bathroom may be trickier; isn’t it just used for functional, practical purposes? Not anymore. The various add-ons and intricate ways to spruce up your space, whatever its configurations, are endless. Whether you want to get more organized, increase usable space, or change up the color scheme, now is an excellent time to redesign your kitchen and/or bathroom. Best of all? You don’t have to spend a ton of money or even start from scratch to make a major change. We’ve cultivated a few easy-to-incorporate, super impactful ideas that will bring your rooms to life and transform them from just fine to finally fantastic

1. Find Your Favorite Faucet in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Honing in on the seemingly minor details in a kitchen or bathroom can make all the difference. For example, simply swap the towel racks, install a new sink sink, or bring in a fancy new faucet and add instant luxury to your space. These days, some of the hot trends include touch-sensitive faucets; they’re not very expensive and are also ultra hygienic, making them an ideal addition to your updated bathroom. What’s more, many faucets come with an integrated manual handle to give you the option to use them traditionally or with the high-tech functionality.

When shopping for a new faucet, whether in your bathroom or kitchen, be sure that its installation fits with your current setup; this will make the transition much easier and save you on plumbing costs. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to glam up your space, check out VIGO’s various kitchen and bathroom faucets. For the bathroom, single-hole faucets work well with most undermount sinks while vessel faucets pair perfectly with vessel, above-counter sinks. The kitchen faucet collection offers a variety of dual-function or powerful single-function options, all with single-handle use. Looking for a recommendation? Try the VIGO LED Oakhurst, a white-light pull-down faucet that illuminates upon use to bring your entire sink, faucet, and counterspace area clear into focus.

Image source: VIGO

2. Bring in the Bold Hues

While it would be nice, a full kitchen or bathroom renovation is not always in the financial (or patience) budget. Instead of spending weeks uprooting your life so you can lay down new tiles and refurnish your entire space, try simply changing up your wall colors. Just one accent wall in a bold hue can make all the difference. Alternatively, make the change a little more subtle and stick to neutrals like fresh whites or light creams for a soft kitchen ambiance.

As for the bathroom, think strategically about the space you are working with. Bold colored ceilings can elegantly reflect light downward and add dimension to smaller bathrooms. Larger bathrooms have the luxury of playing with various tones even more, so don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.

Image source: Rene Asmussen

3. Get Reflective With Mirrors

Mirrors don’t just show you what you can’t see on your own face. They can also brighten and expand the look and feel of your room. Adding a simple wall mirror to your bathroom will give it a fresh, more spacious appearance. Try hanging an oval mirror over a VIGO vessel bathroom sink and just watch as the water reflects upwards. Both round and square mirrors have their benefits, so think about what you like best and where your priorities lie. Are you looking to maximize space or focus on artistic dimension? To really make the most of the layout you’re working with, try to find a mirror that offers backlighting so you can have a two-in-one situation.

Image source: Julie Aagaard

4. Light Up Your Life

Proper lighting can fully transform any room. Instead of relying on dated, harsh overhead lights, opt for softer LED bulbs that will flood your entire room with just the right amount of illumination. While style certainly matters here, it’s also essential to think about practical use; what will you be doing in the kitchen? Are you a gourmet chef in training? If so, you’ll probably need additional targeted lights to help you carry out specific tasks (chopping, mincing, rinsing, etc.). If you’re worried about unsightly wires or loose cords hanging around, explore discretely colored extension cords or a flat extension cord. Many variants come in wood or other natural hues, making it easier than ever to keep them out of sight.

Image source: Jean van der Meulen

5. Dress Up Your Decor

Curate cuisine and creativity in your very own kitchen. Use open wall space to hang a chalkboard, making it fun, easy, and trendy to keep track of your daily to-do list. Beautiful and quirky prints, photographs, and paintings also a bold statement. The bathroom, on the other hand, can reflect a totally different vibe. Consider decals, dainty drawings, or even framed motivational quotes. Everyone who uses the space will enjoy the thought you put into it and you’ll get to reap the benefits as well.

Image source: Dmitry Zvolskiy

6. Return to Nature

Where better to honor plant life than in the room where nature calls? Place a beautiful green plant in the corner of your bathroom and see how it instantly ties together various elements. Another option is to put a nice succulent on the countertop. Succulents tend to not need much care but can be visually attractive. A benefit of adding any sort of greenery into your bathroom is that most will thrive off the humidity afforded by a hot shower. It’s a win-win: do good for the planet while you liven up your space.

Image source: Jean van der Meulen


The suggestions above will liven up your kitchen and bathroom without hurting your bank account. Follow these tips and you’ll see how much more comfortable, spacious, and cozy your home will be. Low budget but big impact, these changes will make all the difference. If you find yourself looking for additional inspiration, check out VIGO on Pinterest to see how we configure our layouts. Last but not least, have fun!