Colors on fixtures and hardware can make or break the appearance of any room in your home. Whether the hue you select is the main focus or a complement, it’s essential that your choice pairs well with all other design elements of your space. Go with a color that will both pack a punch without overwhelming your space. One of the most versatile options of all is a timeless and bold black.

Whether in the bathroom, the shower, or the kitchen, an opaque black is the epitome of sophistication and modernity. It brings a new level of visual dimension into your space without sacrificing any bit of quality. Below we’ll check out some of VIGO’s top designs in black variations.

1. The VIGO Madison Single Hole cFiber© Bathroom Faucet

The VIGO Madison cFiber© bathroom faucet turns things up a notch. Inspired by New York City’s Upper East Side resilience, VIGO’s proprietary cFiber© introduces woven carbon fiber construction into bathroom faucets. Traditionally used in automobiles and airplanes for its exceptional strength to lightness ratio, carbon fiber is 10X stronger and 5X lighter than steel. Unlike regular metals, cFiber© is immune to showing seams or cracks. Highly corrosion resistant, carbon fiber is ideal for environments routinely exposed to water, cleaning products and chemical agents. With a solid black core, the Madison’s chrome spout and lever shine even brighter. The faucet also comes in brushed nickel and a monochromatic matte black variation. Enjoy sturdy, stylish industrialism with the VIGO Madison cFiber©.

2. The VIDO Davidson's Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Smooth out the future with the VIGO Davidson's Single Hole Bathroom Faucet. So sleek and thin, this faucet is almost 2 dimensional. The Davidson's elegance, which comes through in both its look and functionality, will instantly transform any modern bathroom. The single lever operates both the water volume and temperature controls. It is made from solid brass construction that resists rust, corrosion, and tarnish. The Davidson has an eco-friendly 1.2 GPM flow rate and comes with hot/cold waterlines for an easy installation. Enjoy simple beauty in the VIGO Davidson.

3. The VIGO Kingsley Shower Panel

If health is wealth then the VIGO Kingsley Shower Panel is the smartest decision you can make for your mind, body, and soul. Rethinking design from the outside in, this shower system integrates intelligent hydrotherapy through pressure-targeted body jets to address specific pain points. A rain showerhead emits an all-encompassing stream of water from the top down, while an extended-reach hand shower lets users direct the water’s flow. The panel is outfitted in a 7-layer plated matte black finish and constructed from stainless steel to resist corrosion, tarnish, and rust. Enjoy the healthy living with the VIGO Kingsley.

4. The VIGO Oakhurst LED Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Contrast has never been so cool as with the VIGO Oakhurst LED Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. This model creates a look that's not only beautiful and modern but functional as well. The easy-to-use single handle faucet features a unique integrated LED white light that illuminates while the faucet is in use. Its sleek pull-down spout makes the faucet ideal for cleaning even hard-to-reach messes. With a bold white light and a brazen matte black, the Oakhurst’s opportunities abound.

5. The VIGO Norwood Magnetic Spray Kitchen Faucet

With sturdy hardware and impressive technology, the VIGO Norwood Magnetic Kitchen Faucet is brings the “wow” factor like no other. The faucet’s black rubber PVC Hose is both flexible for use and super modern in its design.The faucet emits a smooth and steady stream from its aerator spout, making it ideal for cooking and hand washing. A magnetic holder secures the faucet into place when not being utilized in its full 360° rotation.

6. The VIGO Olus Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

A fresh take on minimalism, the VIGO Olus Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet pairs a sleek design with circular features for the ideal contemporary setup. A solid brass construction and 7-layer plated matte black finish keep this faucet corrosion, tarnish, and rust-resistant. The faucet's single lever controls both the water and temperature, making this faucet accessible for all. With a matching matte black pop up drain available for separate purchase, the Olus is the epitome of understated opulence.

7. The VIGO Fixed Glass Shower Screen

Frame your life boldly with the VIGO Fixed Glass Shower Screen. Simple without being basic, this fixed frame outlines the way life should be lived without confining users to the restrictions of a traditional shower door. Open and airy, the 7-layer plated matte black frame still gives structure to your space. Enjoy clean, uninterrupted lines every time with this design.

8. The VIGO Edison Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet

Mix but you don’t always have to match. The VIGO Edison Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet in both matte black and stainless steel is the perfect combination of mixed finishes. Industrial in style, the Edison’s coiled design is not just for aesthetics. It also secures the black extendable hose into place. While the coil and handle are finished in stainless steel, the rest of the piece as well as its soap dispenser counterpart feature matte black. This variety allows users to accessorize their space as they see fit.

Show us how you use this evergreen shade in your home and check out some of our other matte black offerings today!