A cohesive home design should leave homeowners feeling centered and at peace with their entire space. Regardless of the chosen theme, a well-executed concept will amplify any  area. Sometimes overlooked, the bathroom is a frequently used room that can be perfect for adding glamour to your home. Not just for functional use, bathrooms can be a personal sanctuary for many individuals. As the go-to room for primping and prepping, a bathroom can set the tone for the entire day ahead. Try out our ideas below for inspiration on how to add glamour to your home.


Color Chroma

Design: VIGO

The color of your bathroom determines a large part of the aesthetic. In a previous post we touched on the importance of using lighter color hues in a bathroom to open up the space. Using a white or grey color scheme can give your bathroom an elegant, clean look without much effort. While seemingly minimal, these hues add grace and poise for an overall fresher feel. Another benefit of a light-colored bathroom is that will let you add poignant accent pieces that reflect your individual style. Muted creams, soft pinks, and rich browns are ideal for adding warmth to a space. Install the VIGO Amber Sunset Vessel sink and pair it with champagne colored accessories to perfectly complement the light hues of your walls.  


Invest in Art

Another way to add luxury to your bathroom is to hang a beautiful artwork on the walls. A large statement painting will bring unique character and drama to any space. Art can be very personal, so putting it in an intimate space like a bathroom is a great way to curate a posh aesthetic. Adding an interesting painting to your bathroom will make it the room’s focal point while simultaneously pulling all elements into one central element. Also consider placing your art in a custom photo frame to amplify the artwork while keeping it individualized.

Intricate lighting fixtures, pots for plants, and wall designs like @larissalately does on her Instagram could also be easy ways to add visual excitement to your space.

As for necessities lik sinks, complete your bathroom with the VIGO Marigold Matte Stone Bathroom Sink. With a modern, angular design and satin-smooth surface, the Marigold vessel sink brings a modern, elegant feel to any bathroom.

At Home Retreat

 Design: Kathleen Ann Design, VIGO

If your bathroom is your sanctuary, it’s essential that you cultivate a spa-like atmosphere. Do this by eliminating excess and going back to basics. First think about lighting: go for a soft white (in the yellowish range) as opposed to bright white LED lights. Then move onto accessories: a simple addition like a wooden bathmat replicates the ambiance offered by many spa centers.

In line with the ambient spa-inspired theme is the VIGO Anvil Matte Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink and VIGO Niko Vessel Bathroom Faucet. High-end in both quality and design, the vessel sink will immediately update any bathroom and shaped spout of the faucet creates a relaxing waterfall effect as water cascades into your vessel sink.

Adding things like fluffy towels, a cozy robe, some plants and fragrant bath bombs will make you feel like you’re at a soothing resort. If you want to go the DIY route, make yourself a homemade nourishing face mask and enjoy a night in by yourself or with friends.

The right bathroom design can instill an air of confidence that will have you walking out the door ready to face the day.  Build yourself a space that is uniquely special and personal to you. Enjoy the process, think outside the box, and get creative!