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In addition to the bedroom, the bathroom is probably one of the most important areas in your home; it’s where you spend personal time to clean and relax. Your bathroom should therefore not only look aesthetically good but should also be a clean, relaxing, and inviting space.

Since your bathroom is likely one of the most personal rooms in your home, ensuring that yours is easy-to-keep clean, well-ventilated, and properly lit is essential. Having a beautiful bathroom is one of the simple joys of making a house a home. When you have a bathroom that you feel comfortable living in, it will be because the layout, colors, fixtures, and elements are all aligned.

Many homeowners invest in bathroom renovations to increase their home’s value and improve the overall living experience. Just a few changes in your bathroom can make all the difference. Below, we’ll break down some of the hottest bathroom designs inspired from down under to give you an extra edge of inspiration for your project.

Bathroom Renovations

Summer is ending, so it’s essential that you keep your bathroom light and bright as the days get slightly darker. Prioritize lighting and ventilation and then design accordingly. Additionally, a bathroom should be designed to ensure that function meets style. Whatever your preferred design style, it’s crucial to make sure that everything contributes to the functionality of the entire area.

Affordable bathroom renovations

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, making just a few important changes can mean all the difference in your space.

Some professional builders and renovators who specialize in transforming bathrooms usually offer consultations. During these consultations, they can give you professional advice on how you can best plan out and design your new bathroom in a way that fits your budget without sacrificing style.

Some of these professionals also offer free quotes during the consultation for the entire project. This is perfect if you’re not sure what the financial commitment will be to renovate your space but are looking to properly prepare.  

Try on New Trends

Don’t feel like you’re stuck with what you have. Try on some new trends and get inspired by Australia’s greatest!

Beach Style

White walls and wooden floor tiling and fittings create an elegant clean design for your bathroom making it look wider and brighter. Also consider incorporating bright blue and warm tones to complement the beach design.

Fresh Eclectic Design

If you love to spice things up and won’t settle for just one or two colors, a fresh eclectic vibe is for you. Mosaic flooring and white walls can serve as your canvas. Once you have them in place, you can add pops of colors from your towels, rags, and other fittings, giving your bathroom a unique lively atmosphere.

Urban Industrial Design

A design that’s perfect if you prefer a modern but fresh design in your bathroom area, the urban industrial design uses white brick walls, tub, and sinks to make your space brighter and wider. A timber cabinet and a few hanging plants can then be added to give your bathroom a fresh, earthy vibe.

Contemporary Walk-in Design

If you’re working with a narrow space that requires a tub, shower, and sink, think contemporary. This is the ideal design aesthetic for more modest spaces. Look to modern, 21st century designs that use interesting angles, walk-in showers, and corner units (even a neo-angle shower enclosure) to maximize space without sacrificing style.

VIGO Verona Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure


Get Cool with Colors

Some of our favorite bathroom designs incorporate sleek style through efficient use of shades and hues.

Neutral Contemporary Design

A mix of white, grey and brown can create a timeless look that’s vibrant and relaxed. This design can work in any space, regardless of whether you have a long and narrow or large and wide bathroom area.

Contemporary Green and Blue Design

One of the best things about living in certain areas of Australia is the proximity of beautiful beaches and rivers. Embrace the beach vibes by incorporating shades of light green and blue on your bathroom walls and flooring. This will look great especially with a white freestanding tub and grey or timber cabinets and fittings.

Gold, Black, and White

Looking for a foolproof way to create an elegant and timeless design for your bathroom? Choose colors like white, black and gold as the focal point for your space. If you’re looking for contrast, try out black and gold towels. This will leave a unique first impression to any onlooker.

Beige Hues

Beige walls and countertops, timber cabinets, and a wide white ceiling make fun but elegant design for your bathroom. Incorporating white freestanding tub, sinks, and fittings will allow the colors to complement each other making your space look fresh on the eyes.

Pretty Up Your Patterns

Australia is no stranger to innovation. Some of our favorite designs include interesting use of patterns.

Pattern on pattern

Who says incorporating two patterns would only lead to interior design disaster? With the right patterns and color selection, this option can work wonders! Select complementing colors with similar styles of patterns (straight lines, chevron, or circular patterns), and use them for your floor and wall tiling. Opt for white fixtures such as the tub and sink to balance out the other elements.

Fun Striped Walls

Walls don’t always have to be bland and boring. You can create a striped design for your bathroom walls, using the color scheme that you’re planning to use for the bathroom’s overall style. This is a great way to make a statement and tie all elements in your space together.

Your bathroom doesn't have to be a boring place where you simply go to from time to time to do your business. With the right interior design, color selection and choice of fixtures, you can renovate it to become an intimate space you can legitimately enjoy.


Guest Blogger Frank Dunne is an online marketing specialist at Betta Bathrooms Qld, a bathroom renovations company based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.